“You want your sense of self muted so you can be in the present at all times – not dwelling in the past or the future, wishing for things as you think they should be/were; but experiencing the present as it is.”

Naval Ravikant

Creative output

Recently I started making a conscious effort to create something new every day. Every day, I:

I started these on different days and I’m not keeping track of it in any way (to-do lists, calendar streaks, etc), since I don’t want to add any unnecessary pressure; I want this to be fun and interesting, not a chore.

It has been an amazing experience: I’m proud of myself for creating more content, I’m getting some feedback, I’m building a foundation with this content, and I’m practicing letting go of perfectionism and just hitting publish.

Everything I’ve been putting out there is unpolished at best and just plain awful in some cases, but I don’t care: the important thing for me is training myself on letting go of perfectionism and publishing anyway.

I have a tattoo now!

I have considered for a long time having a tattoo in one of my arms with a reminder: I wanted something that would bring me back to the present. I spend a lot of time thinking about the past, worrying about the future, or just daydreaming… and the more I learn about life, the more certain I am that being present is key.

With that in mind, today I went to the Black Ink Tattoo studio and got this:

I’m really happy with the result. Let’s see if it helps!

Podcasts I follow

Some friends asked me for podcast recommendations, so this is a quick list of what I currently have on Overcast. Probably half of it is in Brazilian Portuguese.


Entrepreneurship / Freelancing / Work


Random quotes

I created a small web app to show a random quote from a list I recorded over the years from books, talks, tweets, posts, podcasts, and more. I have been using it as my browsers’ default page, and it has been helpful in changing my mood and making me take a step back to focus.

You can check it out here. Hope you enjoy it!