I love long bus rides

(Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash.)

Recently I’ve been traveling quite a bit to visit family members; mostly these are short distances, meaning 3-6 hours by bus (each way). I used to travel a lot by bus when I was a kid – up to 16-hour trips to visit my father in São Paulo – but spent most of my adult life traveling by plane.

I really missed this. I love it!

These long bus rides are a good combination of available time + physical space, lack of good internet connectivity, and lack of expectations that just invites me to think. I do a lot of thinking and journaling on these bus rides, and I always end up with great ideas.

In a recent bus ride (from Florianópolis to Curitiba) I wrote almost 10 pages on my journal, planned fun stuff to do for the following two weeks, and made a ton of progress on a Telegram bot I’m working on.

It’s interesting, but I have a really hard time creating the same sort of “thinking environment” when I’m not traveling. Something to research about. 🤔

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